Texas lawmakers want to force the state to openly defy the U.S. Supreme Court. What could go wrong? Cecil-Bell-Jr-x400_0 Last week, a bill that would force Texas officials to defy the U.S. Supreme Court if it rules in favor of marriage equality failed to make it to a vote. That means the bill has no chance of passing in this session — but the same language could still be slipped into another bill as an amendment. The recently defeated bill is clearly unconstitutional — a state can’t simply pass a law in order to “opt out” of a Supreme Court ruling. Nevertheless, Republican Rep. Cecil Bell, and nearly every single Republican in the state House, signed a letter in support of the measure, which would defund state offices that obeyed a pre-equality Supreme Court ruling. Meanwhile, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has refused to clarify his position on defying the Supreme Court. When pressed by a reporter, he simply wouldn’t say whether he would enforce a pro-equality ruling, claiming he needed to see the court’s ruling before he could discuss a course of action.  

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